Who we are


REP-KO is a brand that was born in the 2000s from an artistic union between Florentine and Neapolitan personalities with the aim of bringing a handcrafted product made in Italy to the world, our mission is to break the mold by offering a high quality product
(using genuine leather worked exclusively in Italy).
the beauty of wearing a REP-KO shoe lies in its versatility .
Our creations are very focused on comfort and suitable for any situation, from everyday to elegant, with which it will be easy to find the right match...

The art of savoir faire

An authentic made in Italy that has its roots in the artisan tradition and is inspired by this for the creation of unique pieces that give voice to the dynamic and independent spirit of the contemporary woman .

In this Rep-ko has brought about a perfect encounter between ancient culture and modernity to define a new concept of lifestyle , where savoir-faire dialogues with creative experimentation and technological avant-garde in the name of excellence.

Rep-ko ideals

Those who wear rep-ko don't just put on a pair of shoes on their feet, but wear a rebellious, carefree way of living and thinking, living "one step at a time".

what distinguishes us is the determination that we release and that we make available to all women who want to express their strength and their confidence in a stylish and aggressive way at the same time.